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Somborn - Vol d'Oiseau de Nuit

Writer/director: Camille Lagaisse
DOP: Nader Chalhoub
Editor: Naïla N'Khili
1st AD: Emilie Contensou

Production: Grande Rousse Disques

Charlotte&Magic - Always a Secret

Director/Camera: Camille Lagaisse
Editor: Magon

Production: Baby Showtime

Athletico - On Another Sorrow

Director/Camera/Editing: Camille Lagaisse
Lights: Mathilde Cudeville
1st AD: Johanne Auffret

Production: Si Moiré Disques 

Mariotte - 1518

Director/Camera/Editing: Camille Lagaisse
1st AD: Marlène Genissel
3D Artist: Gregory McGrew


Magon - The Streets

Directed by Camille Lagaisse & Magon
Camera: Camille Lagaisse
Edited by Camille Lagaisse & Magon
Additional footage by Adrien Lamm

Masks by Agathe Soler
Stylisme and art by Louise Sauvard
Production assistants Khia Yang, Emilie Contensou and Agathe Iehl


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