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"Careful" is a film about justice and healing after sexual abuse: about the need to find justice in other ways when the legal system fails, and an attempt to give visibility to the anger and powerlessness inherent in many women and FLINTA people because of such experiences.

A secret feminist group organizes fake dates to take revenge on violent men who have not been punished for their crimes.

Screenplay & Director: Camille Lagaisse
Director of Photography: Claudia Schröder
Producer: Maritza Grass - Carousel Film

Cast: Alba Guilera, Zoe Stein, Lana Cooper, Lia von Blarer, Franz Liebig

This project has been and will be developed throughout the entire creation and completion process with a team that is predominantly and intentionally made up of FLINTA people.
Filming took place in early July 2023 in Berlin and the surrounding area. The completion is planned in February 2024. Duration: approx. 13 minutes.

This film was sponsored by the foundations: TuWas - Stiftung für Gemeinsinn" and "Frauen in Europa Stiftung".

BHS photography by Patrycja Toczek + William Bertoni (night scenes)


careful film poster 2750x1942.jpg

Tout brûle déjà (Everything was already burning)

Short documentary film shot during the Yellow Vests protests in Paris, 2018 

Direction / camera / editing : Camille Lagaisse


"Fazed by alacrity" is one of the short films made in collaboration with the Berlin nude performance collective "The opposite reflexion".
--> on-going project 2022/2023

Watch trailers of the first three films here:

Screenplay & Director (stage): Denis Cornelius
Director & Camera & Editor : Camille Lagaisse
Music: Freya Algiz

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